Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Movie Review : Life of PI

Good Movie.  Must watch 3D Movie.

Positive Points:
*) Excellent 3D Graphics work and Camera work.
*) We can watch this English movie with complete family.
*) The movie story starts from the location Pondichery in India.
*) Many amazing elements in establishment of Hero character.
-> Analysis: Exploring religions and relations.
-> Dashing: Naming himself as PI from the dishonor word 'Pissing'.
-> Love: Story starts by asking naughty questions with beauty.
-> Confidence: In struggles at sea, to stay afloat and alive for 227 days.
-> Anger: Towards Hyena.
-> Tragedy: When Zebra and Orangutan were killed.
-> Dare: Travelling with Tiger.
-> Intelligence: Finding food by managing Tiger.
-> Adventure: Train the Tiger.
-> Innovation: Friendly with Tiger.
-> Happiness: Enjoying each and every moment of life in sea, instead of worrying.
-> Save and Survive: Saving the life of Tiger and Survive himself.
-> Miracles: In Island scene, etc.
-> Sympathy: Towards Tiger.
-> Spirituality: Praising the God.
-> Diplomatic: Telling believable story with different characters, from unbelievable past experience.
*) It is simply a courageous person's unbelievable story.
*) Due to 3D effects, we can experience the nature our-self.  Even though there is no major star in the movie, 3D effects give the more weight-age to the movie.  A straight 3D movie, after a long time (Chinnari Chetana).