Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Telugu Movie Review: Viswaroopam

Good Movie.

Positive Points:
*) The movie is released in three Indian languages, i.e., Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.
*) In first-half, it looks like documentary movie.  In second-half, it looks like action movie.
*) The main subject of the movie is on Global Terrorism.
*) It is a filmy-scientist Kamal Haasan movie... after a long break.
*) Kamal action is simply superb.  He appears in different roles, and in different shades, i.e., Kadhak Dancer, Jihadi Trainer and Indian Raw (Spy) Agent.
*) Appearance of the famous director Shekhar Kapoor is good.  Andrea Jeremiah action is good.
*) We can really appreciate Kamal, for his research in story part, and his direction in narration of the story.
*) First fight is excellent.  Title song is good.  Background music is good.
*) Camera work is excellent.
*) Kamal has explained about the distraction in Afganistan due to terrorism/war..... in very sympathetic way.

Negative Points:
*) Very limited comedy, i.e., only the discussion between Kamal and Pooja.
*) No explanation about the real identity of hero.
*) Slow narration due to Screenplay/Editing is poor, in some of the scenes.  This part would have been covered at least with some diplomatic dialogues with different action, as similar to "I am a Hero and a Villain" dialogue scene.  These kind of dialogues would attract the audience, and make attention towards the movie, with suspense mood.  But, it is not a very simple task.
*) Arabic and English is spoken in major portion of the movie.  For audience convenience, these words would have been dubbed in native dubbed language.  Because, it is very inconvenient for audience to read the scrolling titles.

My words towards Controversy:
*) Once the movie is crossed from the 'Film Censor Board', we need not think too much about the movie.
*) Why we need to hurt Kamal Sir...?  Can we imagine any person from the entire film industry, in the following Kamal amazing (dual) roles:   Bharateeyudu/Indian, Indrudu-Chandrudu, Apoorva Sodarulu, Sagara Sangamam, Dasavatharam, etc.
*) As per my knowledge, two persons (NTR and Kamal Haasan) are suitable to do "I am a Hero and a Villain" kind of roles, at anytime and any number of times.
*) How the villain character would survives in the movie, if you add many restrictions like as follows...?
-> Should not drink                           -> Should not smoke                       -> Should not pray
Making a movie without Villain character (For example, Manmadhudu) in very rear/tough case/task.
But, we can feel very happy if the production of Alcohol and Smoking Components are banned completely, instead of putting restrictions/notifications at screen or else where.
*) Few more similar scenarios where people never made the things controversy?
-> Kamal projected very nicely about the conflicts between Shyvas and Vyshnavas in his movie Dasavatharam.  He had explored many religions in this movie.
-> In some of the movies, some of characters scold the God, as they don't believe the God.  For example, in Manjunath movie, the main hero character itself scolds the Lord Shiva.  Even he sings a song (Oho Garalakanta) by scolding the God completely.  Anybody opposed this song or part of the movie?
-> Demon Ravana born in Brahmin community and Lord Rama born in Kshtriya community, on Earth.  Demon Ravana is the great devotee of Lord Shiva.  He did many false things by saying 'Hara Hara Mahadev'.  Ex. Bhukailash movie.  Anybody opposed this?  
At last, we like/love/pray to whom?    Is our like/love/pray based on caste/religion/region or character?
-> Personally, I don't like to listen Kamal character's wife (who is having extra-marital affair), i.e., Pooja  character name starts with NIRU.  Is it right way to protest Kamal, to change Pooja character name to something else...?
-> Why we need to worry too much about the God, who is in the safe place, where there is no pain/suffer/distraction?  His/Her affection towards the people is same, whether the people like him/her or not.  Because, he/she is not selfish.
Instead, we would concentrate on people/country/world, where the people are having the feeling of pain/suffer.  We respect/serve the people, that will reach the God definitely.  We can pray the God to make the things Good.  
-> Personally, I like very much Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa, Prof. Abdul Kalam, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr B R Ambedkar and Sathya Sai Baba.
*) At last but not the least, Sir Rajinikanth and some of the film actors are protested (expressed their support towards Kamal) in this matter, to protect their rights; by giving the impression that, they/Artists are not simply the "Dolls in Show-Case".

My words towards Kamal Sir:
*) We would really appreciate your hard-work and involvement, in making best (experimental/innovative and censored) movies.  Your performance is simply KAMA(A)L.
Wish you Go(o)d Luck......Sir......!