Thursday, January 16, 2014

Telugu Movie Review : 1 - Nenokkadine

Good Movie.  Must watch movie.

Positive Points:
*) This movie looks like Hollywood movie.
*) Super Star Mahesh Babu action is simply superb.  He was acted as a Rock Star in this movie.  In the entire movie, he looks in very serious mood.  The movie is completely ONE man show.
*) Director Sukumar has done an excellent job.  This movie is completely different from regular and his past movies (Arya, Arya-2 and 100% Love).
*) Heroine character Kriti Sanon action is good.
*) Hero Mahesh Babu son 'Little Master Gautham' appearance is excellent.  He is so cute in rhyme/song.  The climax scene with Gautham is most memorable scene.
*) The story-line: Hero parents were killed by Villain due to gains.  Villain tries to showcase Hero as a psychological patient with his clueless activities.  In this situation, Hero himself is a Victim, Self-Motivator, Investigator, Chaser, Revenger, Saver, Lover and also Rock Star.  Altogether, he is the only ONE to accomplish his wish.
*) Prince Mahesh Babu performance is awesome with the heart-touching dialogue "I am not able to get remember my Parents due to death fear, but, I can feel their Love".
*) Music Director Devi Sri Prasad background music and all songs (Who R U, O’ Sayonara Sayonara, You are My Love, Aww Tuzo Mogh Kortha, London Babu) are awesome.

Negative Points:
*) Editing:  The movie looks like too lengthy, too many twists and also dragged in some scenes.
*) In this movie, Hero job is Rock Star.  But, it was limited to only one song.
*) Zero comedy.  But, there is a possibility to manage these kind of movies without comedy.  In that case, movie should have been crisp in case of editing.

My words:
*) The movie would have been made 'musically also so special' by adding few more songs with rock music.
*) The story climax is limited to only Revenge.  My suggestion is here, "the revenge part might be mixed with his musical life" as similar to "Om Shanthi Om".  Because, hero became a Rock Star with his mother blessings (i.e., in his past, his mother has donated musical instrument to him; and also, she taught him the way to reach their home with a rhyme/song).  So, in the same musical sequence, he could accomplish his wish.  Then, it would be a complete "Life Story of a Rock Star".