Sunday, July 27, 2014

Telugu Movie Review : Drushyam (A scene)

Very Good Movie.

Positive Points:
*) Drushyam is a 'Family Suspense Thriller'; and it describes about the impact of a specific unexpected/unusual scene in a middle class family.
*) We can really appreciate the Director Sri Priya for giving high importance to script and screenplay.
*) Hero character Venkatesh performance is excellent as usual.  The movie is from his own home production.  Heroine character Meena action is also very good.  Both are hit-pair in past movies.
*) Naresh and Nadhiya have given justification to their characters.
*) The movie mainly tells about two things.
     1) Creating awareness on upcoming technologies.
     2) How a middle class father tries (as level his best) to save his family? 
*) The complete story runs around a middle class 'responsible father and brave mother'.  He loves his family more than his fears/struggles/budget.  For that, he takes some tremendous steps to save his family.  He manage the situations to avoid troubles to his family members.  Even though, he guides his family members to face (un)expected difficulties.
*) The story is very simple, crisp and clear.  The story narration is very good.  The story maintains the suspense till end.  
*) The background music is excellent; and the two songs are very good.

Negative Points:
*) Hero and Heroine characters would have done some diet control.  Because, glamour is one of the high preference in Telugu films.  And also, most of scenes in the movie are close-up scenes.

My comments:
*) We can make it clear that the movie is a remake of Malayalam movie based on its backdrop.
*) In fact, it is proved that the only Venkatesh films can become super hits without a single fight scene.  Ex: Drushyam, Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, Raja, Seenu, Vasantham, etc.