Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Telugu Movie Review: Aagadu

Good Movie.

Positive Points:
*) It's a COP story.  The movie looks like Dookudu-II.
*) Super Star Mahesh Babu action is excellent.  Mahesh Babu's dialogue delivery is something different.  Tamanna action is good.
*) The movie starting is very good with the story of Rajendra Prasad.
*) Nazar comedy is very good.
*) Fights are well picturized.
*) Photography and background music are very good.  Songs are good.  Especially, 'Aaja Saroja' song is very good.
*) The movie is very good in the point of only entertainment.

Negative Points:
*) First-half is very good.  But, second-half became routine story.  But, well balanced to avoid boredom.
*) Rajendra Prasad story would have been extended further.