Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Telugu Movie Review : Anukshanam (Every Second)

Good Movie.

Positive Points:
*) A psycho thriller movie from Director 'Ramgopal Varma'.  The movie is about a serial killer.
*) Hero character Vishnu Manchu and supporting character Revathi action is very good.  Vishnu is very slim and handsome in this movie.  His dialogue delivery is very good.  Psycho character Surya looks horrible in some of the scenes.
*) The following points made the movie something different:
-> Discussion about earlier incidents of serial killers.
-> In climax, suggesting police to handle them differently, so that, such kind of issues can be avoided in future.
*) The basic directional elements of Ramu are included in this movie appropriately.  (1) Suspense; (2) Giving clarity about the scene with simple words and expressions; (3) Extracting expressions of each and every character; (4) Characterization of Hero and Villain; (5) Giving high importance to music in visualization of a scene; (6) Pictuarization; etc.  

Negative Points:
*) The movie is highlighted with (1) the fearness about the serial killer; and (2) communication between Police and Press.  Apart from this, some additional story would have been added (like creating awareness to women to protect themselves; and investigation progress; etc.) to make the movie more successful.  Because, issue resolution is also very important along with "issue and issue description".  I hope that there is a scope to make Anukshanam-II.
*) Now a days, police investigation became much more faster due to technology improvements.  The movie is not utilized the present trends of technology (i.e., CC TVs, Mobile signal tracing, etc.).