Saturday, September 27, 2014

Telugu Movie Review: Power

Very Good Movie.

Positive Points:
*) The movie is about a honest COP story.
*) Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja powerful performance.  Both heroines Hansika and Regina action is very good.  Hansika looks very slim in this movie.
*) We can see Ravi Teja's both mass and serious action in this movie.  One more COP story in his pocket.
*) Prakash Raj guest appearance is very good.
*) Script work is very good.  Songs are good.  Photography is excellent.
*) Fight sequences are excellent.  Especially,  picturization of first fight is awesome.
*) The movie is full of action and entertainment oriented.
*) In second-half, at one point of time, movie looks like 'Vikramarkudu'.  But, director made the movie different by adding a twist at end.  
*) Director has taken care by making limitations to some of the (very few) scenes which are close to other movies.
*) A single hero does two roles indifferently.  Hero characterization is excellent.

Negative Points:
*) Looks like very fast narration.  Some points are left blank, like 'utilization of collected fund for society/police welfare'.  I thought that 85% of the story is sufficient to make the movie completely different with slight changes.