Thursday, February 19, 2015

Telugu Movie Review: Temper

Very Good Movie.

Positive Points:
*) The main storyline of the movie is "A realized person is most powerful than a system.  Even though, he is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of justice.".  It's a COP story and also gives a message about women's welfare.  The movie is about the transformation of a 'corrupted COP' to a 'inspirable COP'. 
*) It's a powerful Puri Jagannadh movie.  Excellent screen-play and direction.  Young Tiger NTR has given excellent performance as COP.  His voice and action is completely different from his past movies.  His dance is excellent.  Kajal action is good as an animal lover.  Supporting character Posani Murali action is excellent as an honest COP.  Prakash Raj action is good.   
*) The first-half is not so special.  Infact, Director Puri has done excellent COP movies earlier.
"Pokiri : A daring and dashing undercover-COP story.  
Golimaar : An honest and frustrated COP story.
Ek Niranjan : An honest and dedicated Police informer story. "  
To make this movie as completely different from his earlier movies, he might chosen the first-half story.  The second-half is completely suspense and excellent.  These COP movies show..... the Director Puri's affection towards Police Department.
*) Picturization of horrible and tearful violence.  It creates more impact on viewers; and creates an attention towards 'honorable court' justice.
*) Best scenes: 
-> Hero's realization scene in Police Station with Posani Murali..... is excellent.  
-> The 'salute conversation' between NTR and Posani Murali.
-> Pre-climax 'honorable court' scene is an unexpected marvelous twist.  
In these scenes, NTR action is extra-ordinary.  
Infact, 'Honorable court' suggests talks in defense but not in offense, while hearing.  So, it's a challenging task to write dialogues in case of 'honorable court' scenes. 
*) Mani Sharma and Anup Rubens music is very good.  Especially, background music with POLICE word is excellent.  Songs are good.  Especially, "One more time" and "Choolenge Aasme" songs are excellent.  The lyric of the song Devudaa would have been improved.
*) It looks like there is no end to villain character Waltair Vasu.  So, I think that there is a scope for Temper-II.
*) Ali's comedy is very limited in this movie.  Generally, Ali's comedy episodes are so funny in Director Puri's movies; and runs in parallel with main story... throughout the movie.  And also, it is another movie without a single Tamil dialogue after 'Business man'.  Other than this, the movie is having all direction elements of Puri Jagannadh.  
*) Direction elements of Puri Jagannadh:
-> Extraction of creativity from actors (Hero, Heroine, Comedian, Villain, etc.).
-> Heroism (with Daring, Dashing, 'Rough and Tough', Investigation, and an Ambition). 
-> One (innocent) Heroine.
-> A base love story.  
-> Screen-play.  
-> Story narration.  Maintains same level of suspense/interest from scene to scene.   
-> Dialogues (At least one major punch dialogue; and few Tamil dialogues; etc.).  Dialogue delivery.
-> (Hidden) Message.
-> Major twist of the story.
-> Something special in picturization of fights.  
-> Picturization of violence with simple screen-play, but it creates major impact on screen.
-> Picturization of Songs.  Major importance to background music and songs.  Songs may have few Tamil words.  At least, one song would be picturized at seashore.   
-> Ali comedy episodes.

Negative Points:
*) It looks like 'corrupted COP' story is dragged too much.