Saturday, July 25, 2015

DST - Intel : Innovate for Digital India Challenge : Stage I

LanKeys is one of the shortlisted ideas of 50, from the total 1913 submitted ideas, at “DST - Intel : Innovate for Digital India Challenge ( - 2015”.


DST - Intel : Innovate for Digital India Challenge : Stage I
1913 Ideas submitted.  50 Ideas shortlisted.


We are glad to announce the shortlisted names of those who have made it to this level.
  • Mr. Buddha Burman

    Ph. XXXXXX2147
  • Mr. RamalingeswaraRao KV

    Ph. XXXXXX1439
  • Mr. Ravi Dhanuka

    Ph. XXXXXX8050
  • Miss. Aditi Sarkar

    Ph. XXXXXX2940
  • Mr. Mohamad Firaq

    Ph. XXXXXX6651
  • Mr. Sharad Bansal

    Ph. XXXXXX5404
  • Mr. Ashish Rana

    Ph. XXXXXX6881
  • Mr. Kushal Shah

    Ph. XXXXXX5869
  • Mr. Palamadai Ganapathy

    Ph. XXXXXX4325
  • Mr. Ankur Agarwal

    Ph. XXXXXX4905
  • Mr. Sanjay Dixit

    Ph. XXXXXX1340
  • Mr. Sachin Anchan

    Ph. XXXXXX8142
  • Mr. Pratwiraj Palekar

    Ph. XXXXXX8833
  • Mr. Sunil Prabhakaran

    Ph. XXXXXX6084
  • Mr. Ajay Meher

    Ph. XXXXXX3783

  • Proff. Srinivasan Ramasamy

    Ph. XXXXXX0986
  • Mr. Dhawal Goyal

    Ph. XXXXXX3621
  • Miss. ShivaSubhashini Pakalapati

    Ph. XXXXXX6893
  • Mr. Gunjan Gupta

    Ph. XXXXXX5345
  • Miss. Mridula Kapil

    Ph. XXXXXX5848
  • Mr. SaiRam Mannar

    Ph. XXXXXX6990
  • Mr. Jitendra Bhardwaj

    Ph. XXXXXX9318
  • Mr. Rintu Patnaik

    Ph. XXXXXX8046
  • Mr. Mudasar Basha

    Ph. XXXXXX6208
  • Mr. Suryakant Toraskar

    Ph. XXXXXX7802
  • Mr. Vineesh VS

    Ph. XXXXXX1736
  • Mr. Gaurav Mittal

    Ph. XXXXXX2957
  • Mr. Sanket Ghorpade

    Ph. XXXXXX5931
  • Mr. Sivasankar G

    Ph. XXXXXX2538
  • Mr. Swapnil Agarwal

    Ph. XXXXXX7758
  • Mr. Kalyan Tanksale

    Ph. XXXXXX6541
  • Mr. Ravi Sethia

    Ph. XXXXXX4844
  • Mr. Anand Babu

    Ph. XXXXXX8666
  • Mr. Arun Saini

    Ph. XXXXXX5834
  • Mr. Mayuresh Hooli

    Ph. XXXXXX9718
  • Mr. Deepak Singh

    Ph. XXXXXX8667
  • Mr. Anbu Selvaraju

    Ph. XXXXXX9013
  • Doc. Vijayaragavan Viswanathan

    Ph. XXXXXX1583
  • Mr. Mohit Bahl

    Ph. XXXXXX9909
  • Mr. Vikas Srivastava

    Ph. XXXXXX7742
  • Mr. Jyothin Madari

    Ph. XXXXXX8337
  • Mr. Abhishek Nandy

    Ph. XXXXXX5517
  • Mr. Bholanath Pal

    Ph. XXXXXX0481
  • Miss. Nirmala Kunwar

    Ph. XXXXXX1652
  • Mr. Mausamkumar Patel

    Ph. XXXXXX6773
  • Mr. Sajid Shariff

    Ph. XXXXXX4055
  • Mrs. Rajlakshmi Borthakur

    Ph. XXXXXX6987
  • Mr. Prasanna KS

    Ph. XXXXXX9557
  • Mr. Shubhankar Gusain

    Ph. XXXXXX2923
  • Mr. Abhirup Ghosh

    Ph. XXXXXX1035


IIM Ahmedabad’s CIIE and its panel of jury combed through the 1913 fully completed applications to narrow down the top 50 teams that will be given a chance to present their ideas at IIM Ahmedabad, from 20-July-2015 to 22-July-2015.

Education tech
Id Details
First Name
Last Name
Product or Service Idea
24 Buddha Burman Solar powered digital education in remote locations
792 Ramalingeswara Rao KV LanKeys : Multi-purpose Natural Language Processing Tool
2070 Ravi Dhanuka Low cost solar powered tablets for educational purposes
2943 Aditi Sarkar A 3D holographic SDK to promote education
6846 Mohamed Firaq Braille electronic display system
7827 SHARAD BANSAL 5D methodology for education
Id Details
First Name
Last Name
Product or Service Idea
105 Ashish Rana Geolocation based public information systems, government announcement portal
132 Kushal Shah Gamified citizen engagement platform that aggregates and monetizes a problem-solution platform
840 Palamadai Ganapathy Efficient scheme rollout and implementation system for governmental services
2202 Ankur Agarwal A citizen-government grievance portal that uses voice solutions
3120 Sanjay Dixit Custom ERP for backend of government services
3471 Sachin Anchan Radio bandwidth usage for government information transfer
6012 Pratwiraj Palekar Automatic KYC processing and validation
7155 Sunil Prabhakaran Aggregation of essential public services
9645 Ajay Meher Citizen Information System, Citizen Visit Management, Service Guarantee Mechanism
Healthcare Tech
Id Details
First Name
Last Name
Product or Service Idea
624 Srinivasan Ramasamy Low cost wearable healthcare device that connects user to healthworkers
3315 Dhawal Goyal A basic coloscope device for cervical cancer screening
5274 Shiva Subhashini Pakalapati Smart device to detect pathogens
6324 Gunjan Gupta Text to speech, facial recognition and image conversion to sound for aiding the visually impaired
6828 Mridula Kapil Diabetes monitoring system
7242 SaiRam Mannar Multipurpose healthcare device
7539 JITENDRA BHARDWAJ Portable remote health monitoring system useful for telemedicine
7710 Rintu Patnaik Communicable diseases information repository
8100 Mudasar Basha Gesture to voice wearable glove for the mute
8268 Suryakant Toraskar IoT wearable for elderly safety and security
8346 VINEESH VS IoT based patient-monitoring, ward management system.
8559 Gaurav Mittal Audio based service/app for the visually impaired with navigation guide
8589 Sanket Ghorpade Communication app for people with ALS
8889 SIVASANKAR G Non-invasive Glucometer
Financial Technology
Id Details
First Name
Last Name
Product or Service Idea
5466 Swapnil Agarwal Development-based fintech aggregation
7485 Kalyan Tanksale Multiligual app to record and processes details of periodic financial transactions of individuals
8652 Ravi Sethia Aadhaar based solution which allows easy access to credit for shopping and online transactions
Agri Tech
Id Details
First Name
Last Name
Product or Service Idea
2835 ANAND BABU ICT solution bringing "Mobility, Analytics and Cloud" to farmers
5169 Arun Saini Soil, crop, weather assessment using sensors and drones
8019 Mayuresh Hooli Green House Management as a Service
8112 Deepak Singh Connecting farmers to the latest technical-advances and other service providers
8253 Sunandan Madan A customisable web embedded Management Information System tailored for farm produce organisations.
Id Details
First Name
Last Name
Product or Service Idea
1683 Anbu Selvaraju A rearranged keypad for easier vernacular typing that is entirely different from the norm of western/latin layout
2184 Vijayaragavan Viswanathan Agritech IOT solution that uses underground plus overground sensor networks
2247 Mohit Bahl Universal emergency services system with wearable to alert in case of emergency
2625 Amiya Samantaray Robotics for manufacturing and pollution control
2961 Vikas Srivastava Wearable safety device in form of a body armour
3873 BHOLANATH PAL Digital identity, employment and micro ATM ideas
4539 Abhishek Nandy IoT device for accident prevention/analyse driver behaviour
4896 Nirmala Kunwar Retrofittable smart switch
5835 Mausamkumar Patel Text-to-speech of articles into indian languages
6297 Sajid Shariff End-to-end platform for individuals, corporate and other organisations to impact the underserved sectors
7215 RAJLAKSHMI BORTHAKUR Wearable device for epileptic people to track, monitor, alert
7899 Prasanna KS Live tracking and info-portal for public transport
9813 Shubhankar Gusain Safety device that uses gps chip and radio transmitter