Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Telugu Movie Review: శ్రీమంతుడు : Shreemantudu (The Rich Man)

Excellent Movie.

Positive Points:
*) Excellent Movie.  The story is about a well educated rich man who is finding vision for his thoughts, and later, gets motivated himself through his girl friend words, and then starts social welfare activities (village adoption) as part of (his) corporate responsibility.  It's a motivational story for the corporate world, to expand their ability/focus/culture, to overcome corrupted people.  The movie is also released in Tamil version with name Selvandhan.  
*) Both First-half and Second-half are excellent.  
*) Hero character Super Star Mahesh action is excellent.  He is the prince in this movie.  His action is wonderful in the following scenes: 
-> Explaining to his family members about the employer responsibilities towards employees.    
-> Discussing a sensitive matter politely with his father, in pre-climax scene.   
*) Heroine character Shruthi Hasan action is very good.  She looks very decent and charming.  
*) 'Hero Mahesh comes to village with a bicycle', is a awesome thought.  It's created a fresh look; and more publicity.  Hero and Heroine costumes are very nice.      
*) Jagapati Babu acted as father of Hero.  His action is very good.  Rajendra Prasad is acted in a very good major role, village samaritan.  Ali and Kishore comedy is good.  Mukesh Rishi, Sampath Raj and Harish Uthaman are acted in Villain roles.  Their action is very good.  
*) Fights are excellent.       
*) Music Director Devi Sri Prasad (DSP).  Background music and all songs are excellent with lyrics.  He made all combination of songs in this movie, as follows: One Devotional Song - Rama Rama; One Introduction Song that describes about the common characteristics of Hero and Heroine - Jata Kalise; One Duet Song - Charusheela; One Title Song - Shreemantuda; One Inspirational Song - Jaago; and One Mass Song - Dimmathirige, generally, it's a default pre-climax song in Hero Mahesh movies.  Lyricist Ramajogayya S guest appearance is very nice for the song 'Rama Rama'.     
DSP is a Music Director, Lyricist, Singer and also a great live performer.  Veteran Music Director Koti comments about DSP, "Generally, all songs are super hits in DSP albums.  Now a days, it's not an easy task.  He is really great.". 
*) Madhi R cinematography is very nice.  
*) Overall, Shiva Koratala direction is excellent.  It's a second movie for him as a director, after Mirchi.  Mirchi is also very good movie, other than background (routine) factionism part.  As he is having very good experience in script writing, he simply gained the grip on direction.   
*) The direction elements of Shiva Koratala:
-> An action movie.  Story is about Village life style (human/family values, conflicts, etc.).  One punch dialogue with a social message.  Excellency in dialogues and story narration.  
-> Speciality in identification of actors/actresses.
-> Excellency in selection of Songs.  
-> Hero (Son of a rich man; Individuality; Obedient Son; Looks very simple and decent, but very strong in unbelievable action events; Proposes Heroine first; Moves with an undercover ideology to deal conflicts; A duet that praises the beauty of Heroine; Tries to save his family from conflicts; Family members are get surprised about his achievement; Get impressed by his father at last.).  
-> One Heroine (Village girl; Tries to impress Hero).  
-> Villain (Targets Hero father).  Hero deals him in a courageous way.      

Just Remarks:
*) There are many characters are at background.  But, they didn't have (much/major) dialogue(s).  Ex: Sukanya, Sithara, Subbaraju, etc.  
*) In second-half, 'Comedy length' would have been increased a little bit; in different locations of episodes.       
*) In Bangalore theaters, titles are displayed (in English) for dialogues and songs, on the screen throughout the movie.  It is helpful for the people who come from different languages.  But, it is better to display them as below (of the screen) as possible.  Otherwise, titles create inconvenience for viewers.