Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Telugu Movie Review : Akhil - The Power of Jua

Very Good Movie.

Positive Points:
*)  It's 'Tagore Director' Vinayak VV movie.  It's a Socio-fantasy based Love story.  Hero Nithin is producer for this movie.  We can appreciate Nithin for introducing his friend as Hero.
*)  Hero character Akhil first movie.  His performance is wonderful in Action, Dance and Fight scenes.  I would like to complement him as 'Spring Dancer'.
*)  Heroine character Sayesha action is very good.  Rajendra Prasad action is very good.
*)  First-half is good.  Second-half is very good.
*)  Background locations and Photography are excellent.  These are major value additions for this movie.
*)  Best utilization of Graphics in pre-climax scene (in the Well).
*)  Music Directors Anup Rubens and Thaman have done good job.  Songs are good.  'Padeshave' song is excellent.  Background music is very good.

*)  First-half would have been better with (some) realistic scenes/activities like challenges/competitions/sports/programmes; other than the scenes like, (1) Making surgery to Rabbit without any knowledge; (2) Beating friends to create fun/comedy.  Because, student life is mix of many things along with education.
*)  The progress of this movie may get delayed due to (unexpected heavy) cyclone effect.