Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Telugu Movie Review: Oopiri (The Breath)

Good Movie.

Positive Points:
*) Oopiri is a good movie.  It's a great attempt.  It's a multi-star movie.  This movie is released in Telugu and Tamil.  This movie shows the relationship between 'Employer and Employee'.
*) Nagarjuna action (with just face feelings) is simply superb.  He acted as a physically challenged person.  In fact, he always ready to take unique decisions in selection of Films, that create more impact in 'Telugu Film Industry'.
*) Both Karthi and Tamanna action is excellent.  But, I hope that Secretary dress code may not be skirts/shorts.  Karthi's entertainment (with his innocence, jovial and paintings) makes the movie wonderful.  Karthi character is an escort for Nagarjuna character.  Prakash Raj action is very good.  Jaya Sudha action is very natural.  Ali action is good.
*) Director Vamshi P direction is wonderful.  Cinematography is excellent.  This movie is a remake of French Movie (The Intouchables).  But, Director has redesigned it totally for Indian nativity.  It looks like there is a provision for Oopiri-2.  It may reveal the mystery behind the (Nagarjuna character) accident.    
*) World wonder Eiffel Tower episode is nice.  Of course, it's second time in Nagarjuna movies.  
*) Guest appearance of GabriellaShriya and Anushka is very nice.
*) First-half is Very Good.  Second-half is Good.
*) Music Director Gopi Sunder has done excellent work for background music and songs.  Most of the songs are message and situation oriented.  All songs are very good.  Especially, 'Oka Life' is excellent.  

My Suggestions:
*) We too have (hidden) world wonders in India.  Ex: RamaSetu at Rameshwaram.
*) This movie would have been specified the 'needs of physically challenged person (Requirement of Ramps, Hand-support Rails, Redesigned Vehicles, etc.)' at certain point of time.  Of course, all requirements may not be suitable for Nagarjuna character in this movie.  But, it's a great knowledge/information.  Because, the impact of Movie and 'Actor/Actress/BusinessLeader/Celebrity decision' for social welfare, is as follows:
- Many people don't know about Jaipur-Foot.... till it was mentioned in a Telugu Movie Mayuri (1984), through Sudha Chandran, A Dancer and inspirable physically challenged person, who shown 'the life of achievement' for all physically challenged people.
- Many people don't know about 'Eye donation'..... till Aishwarya Abhishek has done this, when she won the title 'Miss World'.  By knowing this, one lakh people took the same (Eye donation) decision immediately.
- Many people don't know about 'Organ donation'.....  till Kamal H has done this.    
- Chiranjeevi founded 'Blood Bank'.
- Nagarjuna mentioned about 'Solar equipment benefits for entire House'.
BillGates contribution for 'Pulse Polio'.