Monday, June 5, 2017

Requirement of "National Online Automatic Admission System (NOAAS)"


National Online Automatic Admission System (NOAAS) for Engineering, Medical, Degree and PG Students; in EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (Universities/Institutes/Colleges).

-> Additional Entrance test is not required for Engineering, Degree and Medical Studies; as Students are already went through Govt exams for the 12th Class of Studies; and having the eligibility.  Similarly, additional Entrance test is not required for PG Studies; as Students are already went through Govt exams for the Degree Studies; and having the eligibility.  
Additional Entrance test may be required, if they need eligibility.  For example, 
- Example 1:  Till 10th Class, all Students study all subjects.  Due to this, all 12th Class Students can join the 'Degree Computer Science Studies', i.e., BCA.  Similarly, all 'Degree Students' can join the 'PG Computer Science Studies', i.e., MCA.  In this case, additional Entrance test is not required.  Because, the basics of Computer Science subjects would be covered in First Year of Degree/PG Computer Science Studies.   
As of now, BSc/BCom Students are eligible for MCA/MBA/MCom/MA Studies; and BSc Students are eligible for MSc Studies.  So, additional Entrance test is not required for them.  
BCom Students are not eligible for MSc (Maths/Physics/Chemistry) Studies.  So, additional Entrance test may be required.  There are many such kind of scenarios.    
- Example 2:  Intermediate BiPC (or equivalent) Students are eligible for Medical Studies.  So, additional Entrance test is not required.  All 12th Class Students may not be eligible for Medical Studies.  In this case, additional Entrance test may be required.  Vice-versa, in case of Engineering Studies.

-> My Review:  
All Students study all subjects, till 10th Class.  If Engineering/Degree/Medical Studies provide basics of related Subjects in First Year, i.e., at initial Stage of their Studies; the eligibility can be granted to everyone to any Course without any additional Entrance test.  So, any 12th Class Studied Student can choose Engineering/Degree/Medical Studies.    
The above specified process can be implemented for PG Studies also.  

-> Revision of Eligibility Criteria guidelines:  
AICTE, UGC, ICAR, and MCI need to revise and decide the requirement of 'National Eligibility Entrance Test' in these cases.  They need to provide the syllabus, in case Entrance test is required.    

-> The process for NOAAS for Engineering, Degree and Medical Students:  
- 'Board of Intermediate (or 12th Class) Education' and 'National Eligibility Entrance Test' would complete the exams in March, and announce the results in April, and send the information to NOAAS.  
For example, if the Student is passed in exams ('Board of Intermediate (or 12th Class) Education' / 'National Eligibility Entrance Test'), that Student information will be available at NOAAS for that academic year; with eligibility criteria (completed Course and eligible Courses); by default.  
- NOAAS would display the latest information about EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (Govt/Private) and Courses, from March onwards.  But, Admissions would be started in May.    
- EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS would start the Classes in June.  EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS can conduct cultural activities in first two weeks for Seniors, to create good atmosphere for Freshers.    
- Every Indian is local in India.  
- Bus & Rail Pass Facility for Students:  If Students are joined in EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION, they are eligible for Bus & Rail Pass during their studies.  EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION can take care about the process, and get the 'Bus & Rail Pass ID card' for them. 
- EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS can initiate Research oriented Classes/Seminars frequently.  In general, Engineering/Degree/Medical Studies will have Project/Research work in only Final Year.  In addition to this, EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS can start monthly (at least) one Project/Research oriented (Innovations/Intellectual) Class from First Year onwards.  So that, Students will have a broad idea about Project/Research by Final Year.  In future, it creates interest in them to pursue for PhD.    

-> The process for NOAAS for PG Students:  
- The above specified process can be implemented for PG Studies also.  In place of 'Board of Intermediate (or 12th Class) Education', (Deemed) University/Institute would take care of the process.

-> EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION can make Best Practices for Students:
- Suggesting them to come on Bicycles or Public/College Transport, with decent DressCode.
- Organizing Blood Donation Camps at least once per year.  
- Suggesting them to Register for the following Govt initiatives, as part of Joining process.  
  Organ Donation; 
  Give It Up LPG Subsidy (;  
  Insurance ( Life Insurance: PM Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana; 
                   Accident Insurance: PM Suraksha Bima Yojana; 
                   Health Insurance ); 
  Saving Schemes ( PF: Atal Pension Yojana; PPF: Save minimum Rs.500/- per year at SBI/ICICI. ).
- Bicycle Facility within Campus:  If EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION campus is very Big, they can provide few Bicycles for Students to move within the Campus.  It will become regular habit for them.

-> Benefits for Students in Admissions (NOAAS):
- Students can track the complete details (Number of Govt/Private EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, About Institution, Place, NAAC Grade, Courses [Available Courses, Student Completed Course, Student eligible Courses], Hostel facility, Bus/Rail Facility/Route) at NOAAS.  
- Students need not attend any additional Entrance Test, in case of eligibility criteria.
  Because, many Students are spending/wasting lot of time/money for Short-term/Long-term/Intensive EAMCET coaching.  
  It is unnecessary burden for Students.
- The hectic-free admissions (without additional Entrance test) make the Students feel good.  
- Students need not submit any more applications for Engineering/Medical/Degree/PG admissions.  
- Students can concentrate on studies, and write exams peacefully, and plan about Admissions (Course, Place of Study, EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION).  
- NOAAS gives the information about approved EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS and their Courses. 
- As Students travel different States/areas for Studies, it improves the National integrity in Students.
- Students need not apply for Bus & Rail pass.
- Most of the Govt EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, and some of the Private EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS are having the Hostel facility. 

- All EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS will have visibility at National level.  
- EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS can start the regular Classes for Freshers as similar to Seniors.  Staff/Students need not worry about 'completion of syllabus'.  
- More Foreign Students can join, due to clarity in Admissions.  
- If EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS are having Hostel facility, Students will be within Campus.  
- If Students come from different States/areas, they can concentrate on only Studies/Library/Yoga/Sports/Games without any disturbances (i.e., Strikes, etc.).  They can also spend sufficient time for Extra Curricular activities (NCC, NSS, Scout, Music, Dance, Singing, Drawing, Social Welfare, etc.).

-> Benefits for Govt:
- Simplified process for Govt.  Govt will have complete clarity about total Educational system (Number of EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, Number of Courses, Number of Students Joined/Passed/Failed/Dis-continued) at National level.  
- With AADHAAR, it is very simple to implement NOAAS.  Govt can monitor it closely.  
- NOAAS process can create big impact in Educational System.  Students' money/time would be saved.  The same time can be utilized to do best things, by starting Regular Classes earlier.  i.e., Valuable time for Valuable things.  Students like the Govt very much.
- Research oriented Studies are helpful to create Innovative and Intellectual Products.
- Seats in Govt EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS will not be vacated.
- Govt money (spending in Educational System) would be utilized perfectly.  
- Paperless process.
- Govt can stabilize the Fees structure in Govt/Private EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS at National level.
- Due to default 'Bus & Rail Pass' facility during Studies, Students prefer Public Transport. 
- Due to National level clarity in Admissions, Students want to Study in India. 
- In India, creating National integrity in Students, is very important for Govt.
- We can achieve World Peace through Foreign Students.  Because, today Students are tomorrow Citizens (Teachers, Leaders, Soldiers, Farmers, Business People, Govt/Private Employees, Professionals, etc.).
- Our Students.  Our Responsibility.