Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sports & Games: A Suggestion for Sports Authority of India (SAI)

-> Finding Sports candidates from Educational (SAIE) and Non-Educational (SAINE) areas.
-> Identify & Motivate & Train the People for National and International Sports/Games.

-> The selected candidates would be suitable 
  - to perform at National and International Sports/Games.
  - for Police/Security/Army/Navy Jobs.
-> Incentives for participants.  
-> Scholarships for selected candidates.

Educational area (Students in Educational Institutions: Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc.): SAIE
-> From University to every Educational Institute: A Sports Department
-> Sports Department
- Lady faculty is also required in case of lady participants are more.
- As similar to regular LAB work (for Computers, Physics, Electronics, Chemistry, etc.), weekly (at least) one half-day (3 hours) time is required for Sports/Games for every Class (Arts/Science/Medical).  Additionally, few (2/3) hours in holidays (Sunday/Govt/Post-Exam) can be added to this list.  
- In case of ClassOff, try to make each and every student would be in Library/Ground.  So that, each and every Student would be in Educational Institute premises during working hours.
- Try to make each Student is having interest in one or more Sports/Games. 
- Making Yoga is also a part of practice for Sports/Games.
- Sports/Games Competitions in Post-Exam holidays: 
 College-wise: Yearly 4 times.
University-wise: Yearly 2 times.
State-wise/National-wise: Yearly at least once.

Non-Educational area (Business people, Govt/Private Employees, etc.): SAINE
-> Challenges: 
- Connecting with 'Business people and Govt Employees through their Associations'; and 'Private Employees through HR/Admin departments'.
- They may have only few Holidays (Sunday/Govt/Business) for practice.
- Connecting with Villagers through School Teachers.

-> The selected candidates from SAIE and SAINE would be participated at University-wise/State-wise/National-wise Competitions.
-> Online: SAIE and SAINE candidates/faculties can get information about Competitions.