Friday, June 30, 2017

Systematic way of Food Processing

Systematic way of Food Processing   

-> Production at farmland: 
- Creating awareness to Farmers about 'Crop type based on sand/area/requirement; Organic methods; and improving Water resources through Pond and Rainwater-harvesting'.
- Providing cultivation required items (seeds, organic, machines, instruments, etc.) at Farmers door-step.
- One POC (point of contact) at each Village, which is connected to 'District/Zone Cold Storage'.

-> District/Zone Cold Storage: 
- Collecting crop production from Farmers door-step, at Standard Govt Price.
- Cold Storages at District/Zone level with hygienic facilities (segregation; wet to dry; cold storage; distribution; etc.).  
- Fix MRP (nationwide). 
- Connecting all Cold Storages by Road/Rail/River/Ocean/Air ways, for load/price balancing. 
- Periodic Process: 'Collection from Farmers door-step' & 'Delivery to Markets'.
- Wholesale Stall (for immediate Purchases and Sales) 24X7, at each 'Cold Storage'.  Online facility.  

-> Retail Sales: 
- Upgrading Markets to hygienic.

-> Research:
- Improving cultivation.  Utilization of Technology/Machinery.   

-> ONLINE (for Organization & Public) Benefits:
- for Organization:
People, Cold Storages, Resources, Workflow, Process, Imports, Exports, Economy, etc.
Production at farmland: Farmland and requirements, POC - Point of Contact (Owners and Renters), etc.  
District/Zone Cold Storage: Prices for Purchases and Sales; Production, Storage and Distribution details.
Retail Sales: Requirements.
In entire process, money transactions through (online) Bank Accounts; and collecting Waste for processing. 
Providing statistics at Online to know updates at each level of the process.  
Monitor the necessity for imports/exports.  
Quality in imports/exports. 
- for Public:
Prices for Purchases and Sales at 'District/Zone Cold Storage'.

-> Kisan 'Helpline, FM Radio & TV Channel'.