Thursday, July 20, 2017

LEDs (Automatic & Manual Functionalities) :: Auto LED Street lights after Sunlight.


LEDs (Auto & Manual Functionalities) :: Auto LED Street lights after Sunlight.

-> Street lights ON automatically at Night always.

-> Technology: LED + Solar Panels with Built-in Rechargeable Battery + Advanced Technology (Light Detector, Motion Detector, WiFi, Wireless Electricity, etc.).  

-> Solar Panels can be fixed to Electricity Poles, Transformer compound, Bus Stops, Pubic Parks, Public Parking Places, Lake beds, Canals, etc.  The entire system can be connected to GRID to save excess Electricity.  But, independent solar-lamps are helpful in some specific scenarios (i.e., Rains/Floods, GRID failures, Rural areas without GRID connectivity, etc.).

-> Electricity usage at generation & Excess transportation: 
- This process can save Electricity loss, while transportation.  
- This process avoids land allocation separately.
- To avoid water evaporation, Solar panels can be arranged at Lakes/Canals/Rivers, those are in high temperature locations.
- Solar Panels can be fixed to (Educational/Residential/Commercial) Buildings.  Easy loan facility can be provided to encourage people.
- Easy maintenance.

-> Technology is helpful to 
- Street lights 'Light detection process' works at specific Night time (for example, between 5 PM to 7 AM).  
- Street lights ON entire Night, with Light detector. 
- monitor/maintain LED lights (ON/OFF/Validity). 
- enable/disable Motion detector.  Motion detector is helpful to light ON based on 'human movement', at odd times (between 11 PM to 4 AM).  Due to this, lights ON automatically around certain radius of human movement in street roads (straight/perpendicular/cross).  
     Drawback: Too many light-flickers can damage the Bulbs.  
     Challenges: Making accessories to overcome the drawback.  
     Solution 1:  The intensity of light can be increased/reduced gradually to overcome this issue.  
- update software; and to add additional features like WiFi, Wireless Electricity, etc.  

-> Maintenance of Street Lights would be more easy with Wireless Electricity.

-> Save Electricity.  Saving Electricity is nothing but producing Electricity.