Friday, August 4, 2017

Telecom is a basic need for everyone. A dream of strong and secured Telecom Network with eternal benefits.....


Telecom is a basic need for everyone.  
A dream of strong and secured Telecom Network with eternal benefits.....

-> Secure Telecom connection (for Mobile/TAB/Laptop/Dongle/Landline) by linking with AADHAAR.  The benefits would be,   
- Caller ID: Prevention of fake Call/SMS:  Telecom Industry can display 'Caller Name & Number'.
- Customer Care Number ('Bank to Customer' or 'Customer to Bank'):  Single Customer Care Toll-free Phone Number for each Bank, from fixed series of numbers.  For example, starts from 1000 ends to 2000.  The same number can be eMail ID also.
- Investment (Mutual Fund, Fixed Deposit, etc.) based Free Telecom Services for AADHAAR holders.  
- Customer can get details of Helpline (Telecom Industry, Police, Bank, Rail, Hospital, Fire, Bus, etc.).
- Minimizes the documentation with AADHAAR authentication.  Customer can take new Telecom connection at different Telecom Industries (Shop/Online).
- Customer Profile at TRAI premises can make the things better.  Any Telecom Industry can initiate the process.
- TRAI can send mail/message to Customer by informing about the numbers that are linked with AADHAAR.  Customer can know the number of Telecom Numbers that are linked with AADHAAR, with a Missed Call service.
- Telecom Industry can get the basic details of 'Customer Profile (Name, Address, eMail, Primary Mobile)' from AADHAAR.  In case of any change, Customer would update these details at one place, i.e., AADHAAR.  Later, the changes would be reflected at all other places automatically.
- Customer can request for transfer/deactivate/delink the Telecom Number from AADHAAR for different purposes.  This process need to be implemented in proper way to avoid risk.    
transfer: Telecom Number is transferable.  Customer may want to give the device (with number) to known people. 
deactivate: Customer may want to minimize the devices/numbers. 
delink:  Unknown number is identified.
- Caution: For successful OTP/Bank transactions, make sure that the 'Primary Mobile Number is linked with AADHAAR', and it is up to date, for all.  

-> Improving Communication Network Ways  ::  Satellite, Towers, Dish, Landline (Fiber Optics), WiFi, etc. 
- Same Communication Network Ways can be used for all Telecom Industries.  The benefits are as follows:
- Strong network can be possible with less number of communication points.  i.e., Instead of installing separate Towers/Landline by Telecom Industries, same BSNL Towers/Landline (including Receivers, Transformers, Transponders, etc.) can be used for all Telecom Industries.  It was implemented successfully in many countries.    
- With the combination of Remote (Satellite, Towers, Dish, WiFi, etc.) and Landline (Fiber Optics, Towers, WiFi, etc.) facilities, the Network would be strong, even though, in Nature disaster (Cyclone, Heavy Rains, Floods, Storms, Earthquake, etc.) situations. 
- Tower (UPS) can be equipped with additional Solar/Wind Electricity.  Try to make Trees around Towers, to prevent damages due to Storms.  Temporary/Mobile Towers can be installed in emergency situations.
- A Landline (Fiber Optics) can provide WiFi for all Telecom needs.
- If an Institute/Building is having Landline (Fiber Optics), Tower and Dish connectivity; that Institute/Building will have the stable communication network forever.
- Uninterrupted Strong Communication Network can be possible.  
- Network tampering conflicts between Telecom Industries can be avoided.  
- Prevention of Unauthorized Communication Network. Ex: Hackers, Cyber-Terrorism, Cyber Crime, etc.
- In case of (Remote/Landline) Network breakdown, the risk/issues can be rectified without any inconvenience.
- Additional features (FM Radio, Cable TV, Wireless Electricity, etc.) can be added to entire Communication Network.

-> Green Energy: Wireless Electricity Benefits:  
- Finding different ways to create Wireless (Solar/Wind/Water) Electricity; through Ocean, Satellites, Space Stations, Planets, etc. 
- 'Electrical & Electronic' devices can work well.
- Vehicles can run without fuel.  eVehicles can get recharged themselves automatically on the go, without any interruption. 
- Prevention of Power failures due to cable breakdown/damages.
- It is possible to minimize the pollution; even though, abolish it completely by recycling the air.

-> Easy Administration Task: Security, Upgrade, Update, Append new features, Monitoring, Load balancing, Maintenance, Research, Management, etc.

-> Target: 
- Rs.1/- per day for Calls/SMS/Internet.
- 100% 'Simple & Safe & Secure & Strong' Telecom Network.
- 100% Digital India.  100% Electricity.

-> Challenges: World Telecom