Thursday, September 21, 2017

Prevention of Air/Earth/Water Pollution, with Clean and Clear Greenery Renewable/Recyclable process.

Save Environment

::  Prevention of Air/Earth/Water Pollution, with Clean and Clear Greenery Renewable/Recyclable process.  ::

-> Garbage Collection and Cleaning Centers  :  Area-wise
- Wet/Dry/Electronics/Medical waste collection at centers.
- Arrange street-wise bin-drums for Wet/Dry; and Monitor their location for/and clearance, with Technology.
- Separate bins for Medical waste at/near Clinics/Hospitals.
- Door-to-door waste collection at specific time.
- Monitor the streets; and Clean them.
- Hygienic Process (Equipment, Machinery and Methods) for Cleaners, to protect them from Dust and harmful Insects. :
 Dress (Gloves, Mask, Fragrancy-Coat, etc.); 
 Wheel-Carts; e-Carts; 
 Waste picking sticks;
 Vacuum Cleaners;
 Drainage clearing devices;  etc.
- Bio-toilets for every 2 KMs in the Village/Town/City. 
- Challenges: Cleaning Drinking Water Pipelines without any interruption.

-> Garbage processing methods  ::  Extracting Natural (Renewable/Recyclable) Resources from Waste. 
- Dry Waste and e-Waste: Metals, Glass, Plastic, Rubber, Crystals, Paper, Cloth, Thread, Mica, Wax, Wood, etc.  
 Here, Metals are Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Tin, Bronze, Brass, Nickel, Zinc, Mercury, Silver, Gold, etc.
- Wet Waste: Biofuel, Food for Animals, Organic compost for Cultivation, etc.
- Benefits: Save Time and Money, with Renewable process.

-> Underground Tanks with Cement/Clay rings to improve Ground Water. :
- Arranging 'Rainwater harvesting' tank(s) in every Building/Farmland, and at all (Street) Roads; based on Waterflow.
 Precautions: Verification may be required frequently, to clean and clear the dust in tank(s).
 Benefits: Improves the Ground water.  Water may not stay on Roads after Rains.

-> Greenery:
- 'Plantation' in every Building; and beside to all (Street) Roads.  Type of Tree is based on space availability.  Trees would be much more stronger, if 'Rainwater harvesting' is available nearby.  They may grow by themselves. 
- To save Trees while doing construction of Buildings, Road/Metro/Rail ways and Bridges, etc.; make the plan without removing them.  If it is necessary, relocate them safely in a systematic way, instead of vanishing.   
- Trees Benefits:
 Purify Air and Ground.
 Give Cool Air forever.
 Produce Food, Medicine and Fragrance; for People, Birds, and Animals.
 Provide shelter for Birds.
 Help in making Biofuel and many more items.
 Absorb Rainy Water to improve Ground Water.
 Save Environment from Floods.  etc.

-> Beware of Plastic:
- Prevention of Plastic usage for Food and Drinking Water storage.  The alternative ways can be
 Cloth bags; 
 Paper bags/boxes/covers; 
 Glass/'Metal(Steel/Copper)' bottles/boxes/cans; 
 Metallic/Glassy foil sheets for Food items;
 Overhead Tanks with Internal Metallic/Glassy layer;  etc.  
- The 'Thinner and Smaller' Plastic is highly harmful for Nature and Animals.
- Challenges: Making best Metallic/Glassy foil sheets in place of Plastic, for Food and Drinking Water storage.