Saturday, November 2, 2019

A Story about A Good Habit. :: Little Angel with Great Heart. ::

November 2013

We have a Security person Mr. Veer in our Apartment.  He is staying with his Family members (Wife and two Children) in Ground Floor of our Apartment; and taking care about our Apartment Security matters.  

One day, I came to Ground Floor to go to my Office on my Bike.  My Bike is altered by adding two additional wheels to facilitate Physically Challenged person for drive.  When I came near to my Bike, our Security person younger daughter Aarti (around 5 Years) is playing with my Bike.  By seeing me, Security person got angry on her; and warned her to get down immediately, and not to climb the Bike anymore.  

Then, I said to him that, "Let her play with my Bike.  My Bike would never fell due to additional adjustments.  But, be careful when she plays with other Bikes.  Two-wheeler Bikes stand on only with Centre-Stand or Side-Stand support."; and then given a Chocolate to Aarti.  She took that Chocolate; and removed the wrapper; and dropped it on Floor.  By seeing this, I got down from my Bike immediately; and instructed her to take wrapper; and asked her to come along with me, towards Dustbin; and advised her to drop the wrapper in Dustbin.  She done it nicely.  Then, I said to her (in Hindi) that “Now, you are a Good Girl.”.  She rotated her head indicating that she understood.  Our Security person smiled by seeing it all.  Then, I went to Office by wishing her “Bye”.  

After few days, when I came to Ground Floor to go to Office.  Our Apartment people are having discussion with Security and his Family members.  By seeing me, Aarti came near to me.  I have given Chocolate to her; and another Chocolate to her elder sister Yashoda.  Aarti has dropped the wrapper in Dustbin, as a regular Habit.  But, Yashoda has dropped the wrapper on Floor.  By seeing this, Aarti has moved towards her sister Yashoda; and asked her to drop the wrapper in Dustbin.  Now, Yashoda also done it nicely.  

Our Apartment people are watching it all.  Then, all are wished Aarti by saying “Excellent Aarti”.  Initially, she looked at all with question mark face; and slowly she understands that, people are praising her.  Then, immediately she moved towards her Mother with shy; and hide behind her legs.  Then, Security person said to all that, “Sir explained to her this Good habit.  Then, that day onwards, she started providing instructions to all our Family members, even in Home”.

With this incident, Aarti became celebrity in our Apartment.  All Apartment people are asking about her; and wishing her.