A Mirror

The words straight from Heart

Finding RAMA word (or individual letters) at everywhere in any direction........................
is nothing but..... writing RAMA-KOTI (the event called writing RAMA word crore times) on brain/memory.  For example: 

God is there in Good.
So, be good and do good.
Then, everything would be well and good.

In temple, VIP wants to see the God from very near.
Common person wants to see the God.... even.... from for away.
Who thinks that...  God is there in each and every object, but not limited to one place.

Music is one of the gift by God.
It gives same impression to any/every human-being (Persons/Animals/Stones).

In the computer/universe, data stores in the form of zeros and ones.
Zero indicates the Earth.  One indicates the God.  So, God is only one......but, many ones.

The color ORANGE is the combination/mix of two colors, i.e., yellow and red.
Both colors tell about Indian heritage and culture, i.e., yellow indicates the turmeric; and red indicates the kumkum.
ORANGE (i.e., Sindhuram) is the favorite color of Lord Hanuman.

Work is worship.

God born in different caste.  
As similar, the same God born in different religion.

One God....... in different forms......... in different places.

Saint Sayi said "Sabka Malik Ek Hai".  
Poet and Singer Annamaiah said "బ్రహ్మమొక్కటే...!".  
Astrologer Veera Brahmam said "భగవంతుడు ఒక్కడే...!".

Humanity is higher than all religions in the world.
Find the God in each every person.
మానవసేవే మాధవసేవ....!

Prayer improves Faithfulness in the People.  

If a person is not having bad habits, 
that person is almost a Rich person.

We have borderline outside of INDIA, but not inside the INDIA.
Do we need strike to settle the matter ?

The soldier responsibility is not only protecting the country.... but also saving the dignity of the country.

Human-beings should be Masters.
Machines should be Slaves.  
It's possible with Innovative Technology/Machinery/Products. 

Teacher is like a Sun.  
Education is like a Light.  

Every Teacher can be a Leader.  
But every Leader may not be a Teacher.  


If your vision got blocked in one route; 
you will have many routes to reach your goal...........!

Evaluation with involvement gives best results.

Sometimes, our questions/messages look like fun to others.
But, Newton's funny question (why apple fell down instead of going up?) is the starting point to a great invention (The Universal Law of Gravitation).

If you are unable to get a solution for any issue, think about it when ever you take a morning bath.
There is a chance to get a fresh idea, due to chemical reaction in your body, due to bath...!
Sometimes, it works.  For example, Archimedes story.
But, don't take a bath when ever you need an idea.  :)

If your interest towards counting remarks (black-marks) at Moon,
You can't feel the Moon-Light.

Need not worry whenever people makes a comment on ego and over-confidence words.
It may be true in one case, we might be egoistic whenever we like them; and we might be over-confidence  whenever we expect the same in reverse.

I don't have time to hate people who hate me, 
because I am too busy loving people who love me; and working on something to make the loved one happy.

Whenever a person is facing the questions and giving the response with courage,
we appreciate the person with a SMILE.

Analysis and evaluation are two wheels of a vehicle.

I don't have any regional and religious differentiation.
By god's grace, I have a friend in each and every region, and also in each and every religion.

Some people come in your life as blessings,
but, others come in your life as lessons.

I am the mirror of your heart.
I looks like what ever you feel in your heart.
And, I don't have an(y) attitude problem.
You have a problem with my attitude, that's not my problem.!

I didn't find much difference to hear the difference between the words Alone and A lion, other than the content difference.

There would be very slightly difference between lie, rumor, trick and reality.
It is not much difficult to identify the variation between them, if we think peacefully.

The real beauty is the representation of heart,
but not the presentation of skin.

Sometimes, it is better to ignore the unwanted comments instead of defend against them.

Difficulty/Trouble is the only one platform to identify the character of the person, whether the person is mentor or hunter or an idiot.

Diamond shines more, even in fire.

"Shanthi Nagar Bus Stop" is the only one place where three state corporations (Andhra, Karnataka and Tamilnadu RTCs) are under one roof with/for shanthi/peace.

Making a Million friends is not a Miracle. 
The Miracle is to make A Friend who will stand by you when millions are against you.

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.

Worry is a total waste of time. It doesn't change anything. 
All it does is steal your joy and keep you very busy doing nothing.

If you want to try to understand a person, 
observe the body language, but not the voice language.
Body language gets initiation from heart.
Voice language gets initiation from brain.


A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Nothing is impossible, whenever you try to make it possible.

If you fall, fall like a seed to germinate but not like a leaf to die.....!

Quality makes BRAND and creates VALUE.


Where ever you go.... I am there.

Love marriage and arranged marriage are both a point of matter in communication.
Finally, it should be lovely arranged marriage.

Spouse is like a shadow.
In sunrise time, shadow would be there at back of you.  
In sunset time, it would be there at front of you.
In noon time, it would be there within you.  

When I say "I am Single", it indicates that "We are Single/One".
No change in ONE principle.

I can see the clouds of your memories in the sky of life, every time.
So, I would expect your smile/appearance is like a sprigs of rain in soon.

I saw many shades of you.
But, their brightness is limited to STARs in front of the MOON like you. 

If my lips got smile by seeing somebody.... it is not because of them,
it is because...  they are not at all comparable to you.

I have started by giving a flower (with a smile) in spite of any response.
Is it because of your name is the synonym of a flower ?

Good relationships don't just happen. 
They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together.

In memory of you.........
U and Me looks like two sides of a coin.
Even it is not possible to see each other, but, there is cause to be together.
U and Me looks like two eyes of an object.
Even it is not possible to see each other, but, our vision towards the things is same and similar.
U and Me looks like two stars in the sky.
Even we are far away each other, but, the communication would be in the form of clouds.

The relationship with SUN starts at Morning and ends at Evening.
The relationship with MOON starts after Evening and ends before Morning.
The relationship with YOU was started on your first Magic and it may end on my last Breath.

I can observe the sorrow behind your smile.
I can observe the love behind your anger.
I can observe the reason behind your silence.

Sometimes, we can't see SUN/MOON in the sky.
It doesn't mean that there is no SUN/MOON in the sky.
My mail/messaging to you is similar to that.

Everybody knows how to Love,
But few people know how to stay in Love with one person forever.


Win the heart of whole World with Freedom, Peace, and Love.


FREEDOM                       FREEDOM                    FREEDOM                 FREEDOM                  FREEDOM

Protest is a People right.  Student unions would be stronger when they make a unity at Educational-institute/University/State/National level, but not to some specific caste/religion.  No freedom-fighter expects a union relating to a caste/religion.  Now a days, we have many ways (like Social media, Police, Justice) to raise an issue.  Your strength depends on achieving ‘Social Justice’ with Peace and Respect towards Institute/Society/Nation/World.

PEACE                       PEACE                    PEACE                 PEACE                  PEACE

We have freedom fighters from every caste/religion/region in India.  Freedom fighters (like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Bose, Ambedkar, Tipu, Tagore, Alluri, etc.) fought for the sake of every Indian, but not for the sake of specific caste/religion/region.  They had given their life to save all of us, and also, to make us united.  Their happiness depends on our unity.  Now a days, we are all crossing the barriers of caste/religion/region to make a note 'We are all One caste/religion/region, i.e., Indian'.  People may pray any God based on their wish, but not based on caste/religion/region.  Because, God has no religion.  We would like to live together in a friendly safe environment.  Currently, we are doing so.  We need to spread the same spirit of nationality all over India.  So that, we would become the icon of inspiration for the whole world, with a message 'Unity in Diversity'.  But, destroying resources is nothing but destroying ourselves.  Violence give nothing other than destruction.  We can achieve anything with peace.  Please be PEACE; and try to protest for 'We are One', i.e., 'One India'.  So that, we can make the steps for 'We are One Human Family', i.e., 'One World'.  We have only one life.  Let us make it worthful.

PEACE                       PEACE                    PEACE                 PEACE                  PEACE

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is one of the major responsibility of People.  
Animals can survive without People involvement in their routine life.  For example, in Forest.
But, People can't survive without Animals involvement in their routine life.  For example, Cows for Milk products; Bulls in farmland; Dog-squad in Police Department; Horses and Camels in Army; Elephants to travel in forest; etc.  
Animals can guess the (weather) disasters in advance.  In fact, we can't imagine our life without Animals.

There are many great traditional aspects in India.  
We can respect our tradition by taking best practices from them, and removing diluted aspects in them.
This is nothing but..... making reforms in our traditional system to protect our future generations.
We have done much more earlier.  We have banned Sateesahagamanam, Child Marriage, Untouchability, Slavery, etc.
Through this, we have added more humanity to our traditional system.  

Games/Sports are very important for People, to strengthen physical and mental abilities. 
Games/Sports are great, when those are between the People, but not between/including/with Animals.    
Even we can take our Games/Sports to International level.  For example, Chess, Hockey, Kabaddi, Kusti, etc.

India is having more Youth.  
Our 'Youth time and People money' should not be wasted in Animals related Games/Sports.  
Let us make them to focus towards real Games/Sports, to create International visibility.  
I hope that we can see more International winners with this.

Thus, the Game/Sport..... that is between/including/with Animals is not a right Game/Sport.

Film Industry: 
A care about Animals can make them everlasting friends with us.  
Film Industry has contributed much more to say this.  There were many movies with this concept.

PEACE                       PEACE                    PEACE                 PEACE                  PEACE

A look for peaceful Life……! 

War means destructions.

All are surviving with five main resources, i.e., The Earth, The Air, The Water, The Light and The Sky.  These resources may get polluted due to War.  Even, it may continuously effect for further Generations.   

The polluted Earth may damage the Cultivation, and further lead to Earthquakes.  The Rivers may get dried.  Some of them may change the direction of flow.      
The polluted Water may create the diseases.  
The polluted Air may spread the diseases and Fire.    
Forests may disappear due to uncontrollable Fire.
The polluted Air in the Sky may not give good Rains.  

People may die for unknown reasons/diseases.  
The newborn may not get good life.  
People may fear about unexpected threats, on day and night.

The ‘Law and Order’ may go out of control.  
People may find different ways to kill people in War, by misusing Technology.    
Inhuman (Terror/Crime/Corruption/Fraud/Cruel/Scam/Illegal/Thief) people makes the violence in these circumstances.  
Medical care may not be available to all.
All livings (People, Animals, Birds, etc.) may suffer a lot with inhumanity activities.

Peace means Green Life. 

Many countries were fought for Freedom in past, and having the breath of Peace now.  
Everyone has the Right to Live Freedom Life.  Live, and Let them Live.  

There is nothing worthful than Life, in this World.  
Let us all think, to improve the quality of life, in each and every individual…. in a constructive manner.     

Protest against inhumanity.  Protect humanity.  
Say……... ……... bye bye War……... ……... come come Peace……... ……...! 

PEACE                       PEACE                    PEACE                 PEACE                  PEACE

Know the value of Freedom with Education. 
Look for Peaceful Life with Education. 
Gain the Knowledge with Education. 
Bring the eternal Happiness with Education. 
Aware of circumstances with Education. 
Make a contribution to Research with Education. 
Create accessible Technology for everyone with Education. 
Convert Impossible to I’m possible with Education.
Understand the glory of Charity with Education.
Build the Network with Education.

It is possible to make a significant change in People with ‘100% Education’……... ……...! 

PEACE                       PEACE                    PEACE                 PEACE                  PEACE

Loving continuously..... is the only way to win the Love.

LOVE                       LOVE                    LOVE                 LOVE                  LOVE